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Lisa Kudrow showing that she’s not just another flaky blonde

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Remember the Friends episode wherein the cast thought that Phoebe Buffay was a porn star?  It turned out that the porn star was Ursula, Phoebe’s twin sister.  But that episode must have put dirty thoughts inside your head about Lisa Kudrow, right?  Or else you wouldn’t be viewing this post.  What that episode lacked in nudity, we more than make up for it right here ion this post!  Granted, you’ll never expect Friends stars to show some skin during the series, least of all Phoebe, the quirky blonde girl not really famous for her good looks.  This is your chance to see your favorite blondie showing what’s under her clothes.  Check out the few sample pics I’ve included below.  Click on the thumbs to get the full-sized pictures now!

As you can see, Lisa Kudrow is not just another pretty blonde.  She’s a hot blonde actress who has her appeal and charm in the funny way she puts to life her T.V. or movie roles.  She’s no bombshell like some Hollywood celebrities but she has a sexuality around her that is hard to ignore.  And with these naked images, it is even easier to fantasize about the blonde actress of your dreams!  Lisa’s got a sexy body that’s fit enough to induce hard-ons to most men.  Yes she’s not that sexy and yes she’s not that beautiful.  But she is an undeniably hot celebrity all the same.

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